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After hardening, the strength of the structure is checked by technical supervision. Then the formwork is removed, the slab that has gained design hardness is polished and all joints are removed

Workers are preparing the formwork for the supporting wall of the house (Photo from Sergey Smirnov's photo bank)

It is important for the buyer to know when his house will be completed! The construction speed of monolithic houses is as follows: a contractor can pour 3-4 floors in a month. Therefore, if you see that the second floor is being built now, and there are twenty of them in the building, then it will take 5-6 months to build all the floors (provided that the process is continuous).

Then time will be spent on facade and interior finishing work (as a rule, the same amount as on the construction of the frame). You can always find out about the number of storeys of the project from the project declaration.

Facade walls are laid out from concrete blocks or bricks. The monolith of facade walls is rarely poured, since it is more convenient and economical to lay out window openings, and not to fill them.


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